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7 Components of a Financial Plan

| Leslie Kelly

Studies show that those who have a comprehensive financial plan tend to feel more secure and have better control over their money and their future than those who don't. The components of a comprehensive financial plan are as follows:

1. Cash flow

2. Taxes

3. Insurance

4. Investments

5. Education

6. Retirement

7. Estate or legacy

As you can see, investments are only one part of your plan. If the other components that apply to you are not addressed, your whole plan might fail.

That’s where AFA is different; we don’t just talk about investments – we address each of these areas with you to make sure you have a responsible, integrated plan to follow. We are fiduciaries and we put your interests first. You get a well-thought, organized plan whether you are approaching retirement or just getting started. Visit our website at to learn more or connect with Leslie Kelly, CFP®,  AIF®at


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