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Financial planning is a catch phrase that can mean different things to different people. There are numerous wealth management firms. In our practice, AFA’s Central Florida financial advisors are committed to helping our clients, people like you, develop a structured asset management approach to their financial life. We help organize, strategize and implement a sound foundation of money management with ongoing, unbiased Investment advising. We have been providing individuals like you with objective financial planning advice since 1989 and retain our original clients.

Our financial planners believe that you, the client, are the focus of the financial plan. First, we conduct an in-depth interview to discover what is important to you, what you are trying to accomplish, how involved you are in making financial decisions, and what your current situation is. Then, we gather all the pertinent information about your financial life including your income and expenses, taxes, checking, savings, and investment accounts. We review your life, disability, and long term care policies, including the provisions, ownership, and beneficiary designations, as well as your wills, trusts, and estate planning documents. This is the foundation of asset management. Once our financial planners have reviewed all your information, we discuss your overall existing plan and make financial planning and analysis recommendations, as needed, to tailor the plan to more fully suit your goals and objectives. During the investment advising program we present these questions our advisors then help our clients answer:

  • Am I saving enough?
  • Am I paying too much in taxes?
  • Do I have the right retirement plan?
  • How much income do I need to retire?
  • Is my portfolio too risky? Too safe?
  • Is my family taken care of if I were to die?
  • What happens if I get hurt and can’t work? What happens if I lose my job?
  • Am I paying too much for insurance? Do I have enough coverage? Is it the right kind?
  • Are my wills and trusts set up properly? Do I have to worry about estate taxes?

These recommendations answer those asset management questions and others. Financial planning can be as simple as providing suggestions for reducing your insurance expenses or as complex as revising and implementing a comprehensive pre-retirement strategy. Our Central Florida financial advisors help you structure a filing system for all of your documents and important paperwork and systems to help you keep your investment planning on track. We also provide you with a written Personal Financial Policy Statement to establish objectives and target dates for completion. These are reviewed on a regular basis with our team of investment advisors. Our clients say that this brings them peace of mind that not only is their situation under control; someone else is helping them monitor and manage it.

For more information on our investment advising services and how we can help you, reach out to one of our helpful advisors today.


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