American Financial Advisors’ Values


We Are Fiduciaries

We work for our clients and our legal obligations are to our clients’ interests first and foremost. We never take off our fiduciary "hats" to become salespeople. American Financial Advisors operates today based on the same core values that helped found us in 1989. We do not take them lightly, nor do we lose sight of them in our day-to-day operations.

They are:


All productive relationships are based on mutual trust. The foundation for building this trust begins with principled actions.


We are responsible for each client’s welfare. Each action taken on your behalf must be explainable and justifiable.


We are active, not passive, participants in client success. To that end, we strive to meet client needs, motivated by the belief that their success is equally ours.


We understand that you expect results — this is, after all, why people seek financial consulting. You will always get our "A" game.


There are no boilerplate solutions to financial success, nor is there one retirement plan or strategy that fits all. Every client is different, and therefore every investment strategy is different. Work with a personal financial advisor from AFA and you’ll soon see that we're different, too. We believe personal financial planning should be personal — and tailored to you.

For more information on our values and how we can help you, reach out to one of our helpful advisors today.


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