Business valuation and transition


What Is Your Business Worth?

Knowing the value of your business is step one and critical when it comes to making informed decisions about planning and creating financial security for you and your family. Here are the key areas where we can assist you:

Understanding the Value of Your Business Equity

Have you set value goals? Do you know how much you need from the value of your business to be financially secure and achieve your goals? Have you evaluated the various ways to monetize your business equity? In order for your company to be valuable and ownership transferable you need to be able to objectively evaluate your business’s strengths and weaknesses.

Maximizing Business Value

Maximizing business value is how a business should be run on an ongoing basis. When it comes selling or transferring ownership of a business, you want to be confident that the price is reflective of the business’s true value. There are many factors that must be evaluated from future potential income, as well as the value of certain assets. We will breakdown your internal and external drivers of value, develop a strategy to enhance value and create measurable goals to ensure the value of your business continues to grow.


Managing your day-to-day finances are one thing, but the additional duty of preparing, calculating and evaluating all of the many tax and liabilities associated with a business can sometimes be a daunting task. Allow us to take some stress away as we assess your income and capital gains, gifts, charitable contributions and estate taxes.


Unfortunately disputes happen. Issues with shareholder buyout agreements, insurance claims, divorces, infringement of intellectual property, dissenting shareholders. If you are in business long enough, you are likely to come across one, or possibly more, of these situations. The key to not just surviving, but thriving through these situations is being prepared. We can evaluate the situation to create a plan of action for a swift resolution.

For more information on our valuation and business transition strategy, reach out to one of our helpful advisors today.


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