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Planning begins with unencumbered, unapologetic and (dare we say) selfish visualization of the things you need, want and desire. In doing so, that intangible concept of "the future" is transformed into a series of identifiable and achievable goals.

Truth in identifying your goals and assembling your optimum Investment Policy Statement (IPS) and your Personal Financial Policy Statement (PFPS) is critical in the plan’s ultimate success. The inclusion of not only achievable, but also desired, goals helps motivate both client and advisor to steadfastly adhere to and implement each step of the plan. Here’s more good news — plan implementation is where AFA shines.

Precision Plan Implementation

Through precision implementation of the steps detailed in your IPS and PFPS, we not only ensure that we are working toward the goals that have been outlined, but that we are also updating your plan based on ever-changing market conditions; adjusting, but not over-adjusting. If necessary that includes changing course while still moving closer to the objective.

Following your plan dramatically increases the probability of success, and AFA will be there to help you stay on track. Want more control? Not a problem. For those of you who take a hands-on approach to your financial future, you’ll like that AFA sets up custody and brokerage services through Charles Schwab. Our investors can take advantage of Schwab’s powerful online tools as much (or as little) as they like.

Getting To Know You

Getting to know each other helps both client and advisor communicate, collaborate and ultimately identify your "financial truth." Bombarded with advice from the internet, radio, and the "talking-heads" on television, your perceived financial destination is frequently not your own, but what you’ve been told it should be. Your "financial truth" is discovered when you can reveal those things that you honestly desire in your life. American Financial Advisors trusts that you, and only you, truly know what you want — and need.

Together, we can help you not only visualize that future, but we can help you get there. Let’s start by getting to know each other. Just talk to us. You’ll like us.

Life Planning

Planning for your financial future is like planning any journey. You need to identify your origin, and then plot a course to your destination — making the most efficient use of your current resources, thus minimizing your effort, cost and risk. The same disciplined approach is required when establishing and maintaining your investment portfolio.

  1. No financial advisor can make sound decisions about your financial future if they don’t know you. Who you are determines where you want and need to be financially. Likewise, get to know us — you can’t (nor should you) trust an advisor you don’t know.
  2. Next, it’s question and answer time. Let’s find out where you are now. What are your current cash flow needs? What are your short and long term goals? How much risk can you tolerate? What are your current investments, strategies and policies?
  3. We’ll work together to establish your long- and short-term financial goals. Some of these goals will be related to traditional areas of financial planning, such as tax, estate, and retirement planning, while others may be less tangible. “When I turn 50, I shouldn’t have to worry about [blank],” is a perfectly acceptable premise for planning your financial future. We like to call it “planning for peace of mind.”
  4. We will work together to develop your customized Personal Financial Policy Statement (PFPS). This is your guide to your financial future.

Sound complicated? It is. But don’t worry, American Financial Advisors has been planning and managing our clients’ successful financial futures since 1989. Let’s start planning yours today.


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